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At the heart of our professional system is the SpiderPro Camera Holster. It’s durability, security, and smooth operation is unparalleled. With the SpiderPro you will never shoot the same way again, and that’s a good thing.

The SpiderPro is all about agility, speeding up workflow, and reducing stress on you, the photographer. Made by photographers and for photographers, the SpiderPro Holster gives you the most comfortable and secure way to carry your camera.

The SpiderPro is the original and best camera holster for professional photographers. Our patented ball-joint system gives your camera just enough freedom of movement so that it’s not rigidly bolted to your body.

Your camera moves freely with you as you move. Your 70-200mm (or any) lens points backward allowing you to squat quickly with no worries, and your flash (if you use one) hangs parallel to your leg. No other camera holster offers this level of comfort and protection for your gear.


Yeah, ours did too. That’s why we created the Spider Holster in the first place! It’s designed to take the weight off your spine, and our belt distributes weight evenly across your hips, keeping the burden of your pro gear off your shoulders and allowing you to rest hands-free. Your chiropractor will thank us.

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A collection of various pieces and parts that you may need in special circumstances. You won’t need anything on this page unless you’re looking to replace a lost part or have a special need.

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