Holsters and accessories for lightweight cameras.

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From holsters to accessories, our SpiderLight line is designed specifically for mirrorless and lightweight cameras.

Go anywhere, from the trail, to the street, to the studio, with your hands free, and your camera ready to grab the next shot.

For the studio

Many pros are turning to mirrorless to experience the benefits of lightweight yet high-quality optics. Our SpiderLight Single and Dual Camera Systems are modeled after their pro counterparts, but re-designed from the ground-up and streamlined for mirrorless cameras.

If you shoot with a lightweight pro body and lens, you’ll also find a good friend in the SpiderLight.

For an adventure

Hit the street or the trail… it’s your camera, on the go! Our SpiderLight Holster and Backpacker are the most ergonomic way to take your camera on an adventure.

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Black Widow Belt

Use our optional Black Widow belt for maximum comfort and for times when wearing your own belt isn’t practical. Includes a zip-pocket for stashing an extra memory card, your keys, your ID, etc. Adjustable from 25 – 50 inches.

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SpiderPro Box Set

Our SpiderPro Box Set includes a SpiderPro Holster for your belt, and a Plate and Pin for your camera. (For professional shooting situations we recommend our SpiderPro Single Camera System which includes our Pro Belt.)

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